Glasgiven Contracts Ltd.’s Asbestos Policy conforms with the Health and Safety at Work Order (NI) 1978 and the Control of Asbestos Regulations (NI) 2012. The Policy and Procedures will apply to all premises and all individuals employed and/or engaged by the Company without exception.

The aims and objectives of the Company Asbestos Policy are to:

a)  Provide adequate resources to ensure the provision of appropriate information, instruction and training in relation to asbestos awareness.

b)  Commit to compliance with all relevant Health and Safety and Environmental legislation, Approved Codes of Practice, Health and Safety Executive NI Guidance Notes, including any best practice in relation to the safe disposal of asbestos waste.

c)  Consultation of the building’s Asbestos Register must be undertaken by all persons involved in any work activities which may involve ACM.

d)  If it is the responsibility of the Company (at the clients request) we will ensure that all properties built after 1990 but before 2000 are assessed to establish whether a survey may be required, or alternatively employ a consultant to conduct a desk study of construction materials to establish that no ACMs were used in construction. Where a reasoned argument that no ACMs are present, the property will be surveyed as previously described.

e)  Ensure that all Contractors and Sub Contractors engaged to carry out work on any of the communities buildings are made aware of the presence or suspected presence of ACMs.

f)  Ensure that information regarding the presence of asbestos is obtained, identified and stated in any tender documentation when required

g)  Ensure that only competent HSE Licensed and UKAS accredited Asbestos Consultants, are employed by the Company to carry out surveys, sampling and to supervise abatement works. They must carry out all asbestos abatement works strictly in accordance with HSG 247 ‘Asbestos – The Licensed Contractors Guide’ and industry best practice and that no work is subcontracted, including analytical work.

h)  Ensure that all such works are carried out strictly in accordance with HSG 248 Asbestos: ‘The analysts’ guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures’ and industry best practice.