This Policy has been developed to support our work activities when carrying out contracts for schools and colleges. It will provide assurance that we have considered all aspects of our work activities/processes to ensure that we incorporate safeguarding measures and supervision of those who are undertaking works on sites where children may be present. For all our contracts a specific risk assessment of the likelihood of contact with the children will be undertake to determine if further checks would be required such as CRB checks.

Glasgiven Contracts Ltd have developed and implemented a Code of Conduct, which will be given to all site personnel during their induction to the site. The Code will be displayed in the Site Office, Meeting Rooms, and Canteens etc. We will be submitting a copy of this Policy to the School prior to the commencement of work activities in order that the School can peruse same and identify any further control measures which they feel should be included in the Code of Conduct. A copy of this Policy should be displayed on the School Staff Notice Board.

Safeguarding measures will be determined and agreed with the School well in advance of any planned works e.g. building contracts, starting on site. This will enable sufficient time for school staff/site personnel to be briefed on the supervision required and on the access arrangements agreed and also enable checks where necessary to be completed and in place before works start (if necessary). The aim of the safeguarding measures will be to manage the risk of harm to pupils. The measures adopted shall be proportionate to the risk such as:-

  1. Segregate – To avoid contact** between site personnel and pupils as far as possible
  2. Supervise – To supervise any contact* that does take place with a member of school staff
  3. Code of conduct – To require our site personnel to observe our code of conduct
  4. Regulate Access – To regulate access to the site
  5. Checks – To undertake checks where appropriate.

This Policy will be reviewed on a periodic basis, usually annually, to take account of possible legislative changes, practices and processes.

However, under no circumstances should a member of our site personnel be allowed to have any unsupervised contact with pupils, even those who have undergone a CRB check.

** – ‘contact’ shall be taken to mean any opportunity for contractors’ staff to converse with pupils or to communicate with them in any other way, e.g. by passing messages, without a member of staff being able to monitor the contact and to intervene where necessary.