Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. is committed to the achievement of diversity and equality as an employer who supports and considers under-represented groups. Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. will take active steps to promote good practice. In particular it will:

  •  Promote Equality of opportunity.
  •  Promote good relations between people of different racial groups, between women and men and betweendisabled and non-disabled people.
  •  Ensure that vacancies are advertised internally and externally and are notified to job centres and other organisations of significant minority group rolls.
  •  Ensure that selection and recruitment procedures are reviewed regularly and have due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination on grounds of race, sex, disability, and all other grounds set out in the statement on equal opportunities.
  •  Monitor the recruitment and progress of all employees paying particular attention to the recruitment and progress of ethnic minorities, women, and disabled people.
  •  Keep personnel records to ensure that effective operation of this policy is in place.
  •  Subject its policies to continuous assessment in order to examine how they affect they are in considering allunder-represented groups
  •  Promote an inclusive culture; implement good practices in teaching, learning, and assessment through the development of codes of best practice, policies, and training.
  •  Take positive action wherever possible to support this policy and its aims.
  •  Publish this policy widely amongst staff, together with policy assessments and results of monitoring where applicable.

This policy will be reviewed every year by the Managing Director to ensure that it remains appropriate to the aims of Glasgiven Contracts Ltd.