Glasgiven Contracts Ltd is committed to providing a safe and productive work environment and to promoting the health, safety and well-being of its employees. This drugs and alcohol policy is designed to ensure that employees are aware of:-

  •  The health risks associated with alcohol/drug misuse
  •  The help and support available for staff on these issues
  •  The consequences for those who are found to be misusing drugs and/or alcohol at work.

The inappropriate use of alcohol or drugs can damage the health and wellbeing of employees and have far-reaching effects on their personal and working lives. At work, alcohol or drug misuse can result in reduced levels of attendance, sub-standard work performance and increased health and safety risks. Furthermore, the effects of alcohol or drug misuse may be detrimental to the reputation and image of Glasgiven Contracts Ltd and its ability to deliver high quality services.

Glasgiven Contracts Ltd treats drug and alcohol dependency as a health problem that requires special treatment and help rather than as a disciplinary matter, although we reserve the right to take disciplinary action to deal with the problem if this is appropriate.

This policy covers the use and misuse of intoxicating substances, which include alcohol, solvents, legal and illegal drugs, prescription and over-the-counter medicines and other substances that could adversely affect work performance and/or health and safety.

This policy also actively discourages the drinking of alcohol during the working day, which also includes all breaks during the working day

The policy applies not only to all direct employees Glasgiven Contracts Ltd but also expects agency workers, sub- contractors and others working on its behalf whether paid or unpaid (for example, those on work experience) to comply with this policy. This policy will be brought to the attention of all relevant personnel on induction and will be available for inspection at anytime in the Site Office.

Glasgiven Contracts Ltd will treat issues relating to dependence on, or misuse of, alcohol or drugs in confidence, within the limits of what is practicable and within the law.