Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. recognises the need for all employees to maintain a healthy work life balance by having access to regular periods of holiday leave. Employees and the Company must work together to ensure that absence due to holiday periods allows an effective level of service to our clients to be maintained.

This policy applies to all employees in the Company. It includes all employees transferring into the business, unless expressly stated otherwise in their contract with Glasgiven Contracts Ltd.

Employees are entitled to a set number of holidays each year which are outlined in the individual contract of employment. The holiday year runs from January to January.

Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. reserves the right to designate specific Shut Down days on a regional or site basis to meet business needs. On these days an office or site will be officially closed.

An employee must take Shut Down days as holidays, unless there is prior agreement with senior management or to meet site / business needs.

A calendar of regional Shut Down days is available on request. There are sites that may vary their shutdown days from the Company’s standard days; these are dependent on the client requirements. Individual Mangers have responsibility for setting site specific shut down days. It is an employee’s responsibility to consult the relevant holiday calendar and must discuss site plans with their manager before planning their leave.

A formal review of the Policy will take place after one year.



Managing Director,

Glasgiven Contracts Ltd