It is the responsibility of Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. both as an employer and as a business to ensure sickness and sickness absence are controlled effectively. This is in the interests of all employees of the Company and all of those customers for whom we provide a service. It is in the interest of all employees that sickness and absence are kept to a minimum.

You are expected to attend for work regularly. The company understands however that you may sometimes be unwell and that as a result of ill health or injury, you may be unable to come to work for a period of time. The company does not require, nor does it wish you to attend work when you are unwell or not fit for work.

This policy is designed to help you when you are absent from work due to illness, as well as enable the company to maintain effective staffing levels. We aim to deal fairly and reasonably with you, should you have either frequent periods or extended periods of sickness absence. You should familiarise yourself with this policy to be aware of how the company manages sickness absence.

This policy does not confer any contractual rights. The company reserves the right to alter any of its terms at any time although you will be notified in writing of any changes.

Whilst this policy is not a disciplinary policy, its provisions can in some cases lead to dismissal.

Where it transpires that an employee is abusing the sickness absence provisions it may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

A formal review of the Policy will take place after one year.



Managing Director,

Glasgiven Contracts Ltd