As a construction Company Glasgiven Contracts Ltd are aware of the need and availability of employment within our local community and our responsibilities in nurturing the skills of the individual. We care about people who are unemployed and will endeavour to re-engage them in the workplace. In this way we can give something back to the community.

Our aim is to demonstrate “the commitment to integrate socially responsible values and concerns of stakeholders into their operations in a manner that fulfils and exceeds current legal and commercial expectations”. Our core values include:-

Transparency: Fairness: Inclusiveness:
Being open to all stakeholders about the interests and processes of our organisation. Treating all stakeholders in a reasonable and equal way.
Involving all groups who are affected by the company and its activities in relevant decision making processes.

Responsiveness: Integrity: Diversity:
Responding to any concerns of stakeholders in a swift and effective manner.
Being honest and sticking to agreed terms and principles.
Valuing and promoting diversity in terms of gender, culture, and race.
Being willing to apply different perspectives and new approaches in the day to day management of our sites.

Being completely responsible for what our organisation does and being able to trace back its activities and related impacts.

The company has developed Policies and procedures which are communicated to all site personnel and are available for inspection anytime by any other interested parties. The Policy Statements are displayed in our Site Offices; the full copies of the Policies are retained in the Site Policy Folder.

Where required we will register our sites with the “Considerate Constructors Scheme” to highlight our respect for the local environment. We will produce monthly Sustainability Reports which will be made available to our Clients and other interested parties. This will demonstrate our commitment to our social corporate responsibilities.

Any new recruits shall be added to our Training Needs Analysis matrix to ensure that training is delivered to recognised industry standards and matched to the needs of the individual.

We will strive to ensure, as much as possible, through training and information that our subcontractors adopt a similar approach to Social Corporate Responsibility as Glasgiven Contracts Ltd.