Glasgiven Contracts Ltd has a duty under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Order1978 to manage
the risks (as far as is reasonably practicable) to the health, safety and welfare of those who need to drive as part

of their job or while they are engaged in work activities. This policy sets out the responsibilities and arrangements in place to manage work-related driving risks.

Glasgiven Contracts Ltd recognises that it has a responsibility, not only for the health and safety of staff engaged in driving at work, but also to other road users and members of the public. The Company will endeavour to comply with all driving related legislation and to adopt best practice, where practical, for those driving on Glasgiven Contracts Ltd business. The risks and risk controls associated with driving and vehicles will be identified by the process of risk assessment.

This policy recognises the two categories of staff who drive as part of their work – Staff who are required to drive vehicles owned, hired or leased by Glasgiven Contracts Ltd; and Staff who use their own vehicles or hired vehicles for convenience on a casual basis, in order to undertake some part of their role within the Company (e.g. attendance at conferences, seminars or meetings).
The objectives of this policy are:

  •  To seek to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of staff who drive on Company business, or whilst discharging their duties;
  •  To reduce the risks to the safety of other road users and members of the public by those driving whilst at work or on Company business;
  •  To seek to ensure that all staff are appropriately qualified, licensed, insured and trained:
  •  To remind drivers of their responsibility to check that vehicles should be suitable for use;
  •  To state that the Company expects that persons driving on Company business should be medically fit to drive;
  •  To ensure that those with duties under this policy are clearly identified and provided with clearly definedroles and responsibilities;
  •  To seek to ensure that legal and Company insurance requirements are met;
  •  To achieve compliance with the Company’s Environmental policy;
  •  To achieve compliance with the Company’s No Smoking policy;
  •  To achieve compliance with national driving-related mobile communication devices and drug and alcohol legislation;

Remember whilst driving at work you are representing Glasgiven Contracts Ltd, therefore you should always drive responsibly and have respect for other road users.