One of the strategic visions of Glasgiven Contracts Ltd is that it is of a company which
“Values the principles of fairness and equality of opportunity”. Glasgiven Contracts Ltd is therefore fully committed to achieving the highest standards of service, delivery and employment practice whilst ensuring equality of opportunity for all personnel in its workforce.

Glasgiven Contracts Ltd aims to ensure that its employment practices secure equality of opportunity and that no prospective or existing employee receives less favourable treatment as a result of their age, gender, marital status, ethnic origin, disability, because they have a criminal record or for any other reason which cannot be shown to be justified.

Our recruitment and selection procedures endeavour to ensure that individuals are selected and promoted only on the basis of their relevant aptitudes, skills, abilities, qualifications and experience commensurate with the job.

The company aims to fulfil its objectives by:-

  • Promoting equality and fairness through its procurement processes and practices.
  • Striving to ensure equal opportunities for all, when procuring goods, works or services.
  • Purchasing works and services from contractors who can demonstrate a commitment to making sure that their employees and their customers are not discriminated against because of age, sex or sexuality as well as race, colour, ethnic origin or religion.
  • Aiming to secure fair employment terms and condition for comparable employees when purchasing certain works or services.
  • Securing compliance with our duty to provide works and services that demonstrate Best Value, whilst ensuring that our policies support diversity and do not lead to unfair discrimination or social exclusion.
  • Recognising the connection between service quality and the management of workforce issues.
  • Understanding that good quality works/services depends on appropriately skilled and motivated workforces.
  • Acknowledgement that neglecting relevant workforce matters in order to drive down costs could have adverse effects on the desired quality and value for money.
  • Undertaking transparent, open and fair procurement.