It is the aim of Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. to take all reasonable action to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all employees. To attain these standards and conditions, the requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and any other associated Regulations, Approved Codes of Practice etc. will be incorporated into our day to day operations:-

Implementation of the necessary measures to safeguard the Safety, Health and Welfare of employees. This will involve assessing work processes to ensure it is carried out in a manner which is safe and which will not adversely affect the health of our employees, either now or in the future

Provision and maintenance of work systems which are safe and without risk to health. Plant and machinery will be maintained to appropriate standards of safety. This involves planning the work processes, assessing the risks involved and putting in place measures to deal with the risks identified

Ensure adequate provision for the safe use, handling, storage and transport of articles or substances used at work. This requires planning and risk assessment with regard to such things as the manual handling of heavy or awkward items or loads, and the handling and use of substances which are of a dangerous nature

Provision to employee’s adequate information, instruction, training and supervision in order to ensure their health and safety at work. All employees are told of any likely risks arising from work processes or from materials they have to handle. Instruction and training will be provided along with an appropriate degree of supervision

Provision of a safe and healthy working environment by ensuring that the condition of the workplace is safe and without risk to health, and that all means of access and egress are similarly kept safe.

It is the duty of every employee engaged by Glasgiven Contracts Ltd.:-

To take all reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their activities

To co-operate with management in every possible way to enable Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. Safety Statement to be complied with

Not to misuse or interfere with anything provided by Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. in the interests of health, safety and welfare

Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that persons not employed by Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. (sub-contractors/members of the public) but who may be affected by their activities, are not exposed to risks to their safety, health and welfare.

Duties of various levels of management and personnel are set out in detail within this Safety Statement. By signing this Safety Statement Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. commits to ensuring that all resources are available which are necessary to attain a reasonable standard of Health & Safety.