Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. recognises its responsibility in furthering sustainable development through its

procurement of materials, products and delivery of its services. Our procurement decisions can have major

socio-economic and environmental implications, both locally and globally now and for our future generations. Therefore, in accordance with our Integrated Management System (IMS), the Company strives to incorporate environmental and social considerations into our product, material and service selection process.


We recognise that it is our responsibility to encourage our supply chain and contractors to minimise the negative environmental and social impacts associated with the products and services they provide. As a result, the company policy is to:


  • Continually investigate alternative goods and materials from a responsible, sustainable and legal source;
  • Enhance employee awareness of relevant environmental and social effects of purchases through appropriate training;
  • Provide guidance and support to staff members to allow them to select sustainable products and services;
  • Ensure, where appropriate suppliers understand the key sustainable issues so that they can tailor their products accordingly;
  • Investigate opportunities for the recycling and reuse of materials where appropriate;
  • Ensure non-discrimination against local and smaller suppliers.


The company will therefore seek to avoid the following through their procurement process:


  • Products which are not energy or resource efficient;
  • Products containing environmentally damaging chemicals such as ozone depleting substances, solvents, volatile organic compounds and other substances damaging to health and the environment;
  • Products produced with child labour;
  • Products containing timber from unsustainable sources.

Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. is committed to working to develop clear objectives to minimise the environmental and social effects associated with the products and services we purchase and measuring and communicating our progress.




Managing Director,

Glasgiven Contracts Ltd