In drawing up this policy, the Company has made reference to the Equality Commission’s Guide for Employers and Employees – Promoting a Good and Harmonious Working Environment. The principles outlined in this Policy apply not only to particular religious beliefs and political opinions but also to other grounds of difference between individuals such as race, gender, disability, sexual orientation and age.

The dress code for our construction sites is designed first and foremost for safety reasons. The type of clothing that is required of workers and visitors is intended to protect from the dangers and risks of construction sites. However during certain times of the year e.g. summer – warm weather can dictate the type of clothing to be worn, clothing must be worn in a respectful manner to ensure that we do not cause any offence to persons who may be affected by our work activities – neighbours, other sub-contractors etc.

We require our workers to wear either short-sleeve shirts or long-sleeve shirts. No sleeveless attire is allowed. If workers wear long-sleeve shirts, they must fit snugly as ill-fitting clothing has the potential to get stuck in moving machinery and can cause harm to workers. Workers and visitors must also wear long trousers versus shorts as long trousers also can help protect a worker’s legs from getting harmed. This will be under constant review by our Site Managers.

All direct employees must ensure that they wear Glasgiven Contracts Ltd branded clothing for easy identification and uniformity throughout our sites.

There are some individual emblems and symbols that through our history and associations, and whether intended or not, have come to have a significance that has the potential to make those of a different identity feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. There are a variety of symbols and emblems with the potential to cause disharmony and especially those that have been directly linked to community conflict in Northern Ireland and/or to local politics. These are listed within the full Policy document.

The Company will keep the operation and effectiveness of this policy under regular review and may amend its content from time to time if necessary in order to ensure compliance with legal requirements and best practice.