This Policy is enforceable by all of Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. Site Management Teams.

It is expected that the Site Management Teams will be observant and vigilant when on site, to the actions of other site personnel who may be breaching the Policy conditions.

1.0            Implementation of the Zero Tolerance Policy

Anyone found contravening the Zero Tolerance Policy will be stopped and moved to a safe place where an explanation of the breach is to be made. If the breach is a major non-conformance then they will be told to leave the site, if it is a minor non-conformance then they will be stood down for four hours in the canteen/site office and a corrective plan of action will be agreed and must be implemented.

 Any breaches in relation to the wearing of PPE will be handled via a £30/€30 fine per item of PPE not being used.

For all card offences issued the Health and Safety Manager must be notified by telephone / emailed immediately. This will be recorded on a Zero Tolerance Log (maintained by Health and Safety).

  1. A follow up email will be sent directly to the Sub-Contracting Company on issue of a Minor NC.
  2. An email response from the Sub-Contracting Company will be required before any matters are resolved.
  3. For any NC’s issued, the issue is to be reviewed by the Contracts Manager, Health and Safety Manager, the Sub-Contracting Company’s Manager (if applicable). This review will decide whether an individual may return to site and if so when. This will be dependent on the remedial action, attitude and approach of the individual and his Manager (if applicable)
  4. The Major NC remains live for a limited period; the length of time is dependent on the response of the company employing the individual. The expiry date will be notified to the sub-contractor company in writing.
  5. The issue of a second Minor NC to any sub-contracting company whilst any previous Major NC’s are still live will automatically lead to that company being placed on procurement special status. This means that the supply chain member will be unable to price for any further projects until the special status has been lifted.
  6. Where a Major NC is issued to a Glasgiven Contracts Ltd. Sub-Contracting Company’s appointed Subcontractor, the Sub-Contracting Company will be responsible for closing out the Major NC on behalf of their appointed Sub-Contractor. However, the Major NC will be deemed to have been issued to both parties.
  7. For companies placed on Special Status the length of this status will be decided by the Glasgiven Site Management Team.

Personnel will be removed from site pending investigation of allegations involving: –

  • breaches of health and safety standards – unsafe actions / conditions
  • breaching the site rules and / or
  • undertaking in any criminal

Any Glasgiven Contracts Ltd employee found to be contravening the Zero Tolerance Policy will be subject to the company disciplinary procedure.




Managing Director,

Glasgiven Contracts Ltd